Want to spend your weekends in Barcelona? If you do, book a flight now and enjoy the attractions and sounds of this Catalonian city. Don’t let the budget get in the way as there are carriers that offer low cost airfares that will surely get you packing your bags for a sweet vacation or a much-needed siesta in Barcelona. How is that possible? Well, here are a few picks you can choose from:

  • EasyJet. If you are the type who prefers a wide selection of destination yet you feel you might keep changing your mind where to fly off to, EasyJet is for you. It allows rescheduling of flights for a minimal charge which certainly makes booking your ticket flexible than usual. So if you decide to check out Barcelona, you might want to consider flying with EasyJet.
  • Jet2. You might suddenly decide to cancel your trip elsewhere to go to Barcelona. Too bad though because Jet2, like any other airlines with cheap flights, don’t offer a refund. But who needs a money-back if Jet2 can just reschedule your other trip for another time through their rescheduling system. By the way, Jet2 flies from Leeds Bradford airport in West Yorkshire, England.
  • RyanAir. Before going straight to Barcelona, there’s one pit stop that is absolutely worth visiting and that is Girona. Coincidentally, RyanAir have no direct flights to Barcelona International airport so tourists would instead expect to land in Girona Airport. This gives travelers a chance to enjoy the quiet city of Girona even for awhile.
  • Vueling. This new Catalan carrier proves to be competitive in offering low-priced tickets. Aside from the warm and polite cabin crew, the airline gives you a chance to pick the seat of your choice when you book with them.
  • FlyGlobeSpan and FlyMonarch.These two airlines also offer low cost plane tickets. The former flies from Scotland, and the latter, from Manchester.
  • Delta. Visitors coming all the way from America can now fly directly to Barcelona via a 7-hour long flight with Delta.

getting-to-barcelona-flights-1Travelling by air is really exciting especially when you have the choice where you can fly into. To date, Barcelona has three airports open to tourists. One is the Barcelona International Airport (BCN) (Address: Barcelona Airport, 08820 Prat de Llobregat. Barcelona / Phone: +34 91 321 10 00) which is considered the city’s main airport. Compared to the other two airports in the city, BCN has a wider flight selection from more countries. The airport is 14 kms from the city center. From here, passengers can take a taxi, bus, or train services to get to the main Barcelona.

getting-to-barcelona-flights-2Another airport which is not exactly in Barcelona is the Girona airport (GRO) (Phone: +34 972 186 606 for flights; +34 97 218 6708 for info / e-mail: Budget airlines fly into GRO making flights less expensive. GRO also makes a good option since there are buses right outside the airport that transport passengers from Girona to central Barcelona in only about 55 minutes.

getting-to-barcelona-flights-3The Reus Airport (Phone: +34 977 779 832 for flights; +34 977 772 204 for info) is Barcelona’s third airport which is 75 minutes away from central Barcelona. The airport also offers budget flights and it serves as feeder for tourists going to and from Salou, Costa Dorada which is known for its booze and beach location.

Choosing is not too difficult if you know what you want. Once you already have an airline to ride on and an airport to fly into, you are all set for that interesting urban adventure in the city of Barcelona!