Travel to Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the more accessible cities in Spain and certainly the country’s closest major tourist hub to the rest of Europe. Getting to Barcelona is a breeze because of its strategic location and great transportation system. Depending on your location and preference, you can reach the city by bus and car, by air, or by rail.

Getting to the city by bus or car is without much hassle because of the major highways linking Barcelona with the French border to the north, Zaragoza and Madrid to the west, and Valencia and Tarragona to the south.

Trains in Barcelona getting-to-barcelona-1are also an option to reach Barcelona since the city also benefits from the country’s busy rail network. But there are no direct train rides beyond the border because of the rail gauge difference with the neighboring France.

Barcelona international airport is a busy regional hub with a generous number of flights to the city and to other major ones around the world. Located in the southwest of the city center, Barcelona Airport receives a number of flights from many cities in Europe and trans-Atlantic routes.