You can travel to Barcelona by taxi. They are readily available and travel in the bus lanes. Taxis are a great transportation choice because they will not cost you much. A trip within the center of Barcelona usually costs no more than €7. If you do not mind shelling out some money, taxis are the most convenient and easiest form of transport in Barcelona, especially for people in the rush.

barcelona-city-transportation-taxi-2You can effortlessly identify Barcelona taxi cabs as they come in black or yellow. And here’s what is great about Barcelona: A green light on top of the cab means that you can ride for free. The cab is also free when the sign LIBRE is on.

All cabs in the city are metered with some additional charges if you are coming from the airport. Extra charges also apply for baggage. These additional fees are detailed on the taxi’s right rear passenger window.

barcelona-city-transportation-taxi-1You can hail taxis in Barcelona on the street. Another option is booking in advance with Servitaxi or Radio Taxi. Cabs in Barcelona are plentiful. There are more than 11,000 taxis all over the city. The only problem is that you can have difficulty finding them after the metro closes at night.

At the start of your journey, make sure that the driver has turned the meter on. You only have to pay the amount displayed on the meter at the end of your ride. If you are feeling generous, you can tip your driver 5% to 10% of the meter fare.

Taxis in Barcelona has a flagfall rate of €1.75; from 9pm to 7am on weekdays, all day on weekends and holidays, the flagfall rate starts at €1.85. From then, meter charges €0.78 per kilometre, at night and on weekends; it goes €1 per kilometre. Trips coming to and from the airport have an additional charge of €3, plus €0.90 for big luggage (bigger than 55cm x 35cm x 35cm).

Call these numbers if you are having trouble finding a taxi:

  • Servitaxi – Phone: +34 93 330 0300
  • Radio Taxi – Phone: +34 93 303 3033

There are also taxis that specialize in the itinerary to Barcelona airport, Reus, and Girona. But they can also go to other routes on your request. Call these numbers:

  • Taxi Barcelona – Phone: +34 617 732 324
  • Aerotaxi Barcelona – Phone: +34 695 175 009

If you are looking for special taxis for those who have reduced mobility, call: +34 93 420 80 88