Barcelona, Spain is a very walkable city, though for those less able, or those who enjoy trying out transportation, then the metro is the way.


The network consists of 9 lines managed by Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) (Address: Carrer 60, núm. 21-23 Sector A, Pol. Ind. de la Zona Franca 08040 Phone: 902 07 50 27/ E-mail: and Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) (Address: Barcelona-Plaça Catalunya Station Main Lobby / Phone: +34 900 901 515 / Open: from 7 am to 9 pm (from Monday to Friday)). The former manages the underground lines and the latter manages 3 integrated commuter lines that run out into the extended metropolitan area.

TMB lines

barcelona-city-transportation-metro-1TMB manages 6 lines – Line 1 (red), Line 2 (purple), Line 3 (green), Line 4 (yellow), Line 5 (blue), and Line 11 (light green). The Line 1 terminals are at Hospital de Bellvitge – Fondo, Line 2 at Paral·lel – Pep Ventura, Line 3 at Zona Universitària – Trinitat Nova, Line 4 at Trinitat Nova – La Pau, Line 5 at Cornellà Centre – Horta, and Line 11 at Trinitat Nova – Can Cuiàs.

FGC lines

barcelona-city-transportation-metro-3The 3 metro-like commuter lines managed by the FGC are Line 6 (dark blue), Line 7 (brown), and Line 8 (pink). Line 6 runs the Pl. Catalunya – Reina Elisenda route, Line 7 the Pl. Catalunya – Av. Tibidabo route, and Line 8 the Pl. Espanya – Molí Nou-Ciutat Cooperativa route.

Other lines

barcelona-city-transportation-metro-4The fare-integrated Funicular de Montjuïc (dark green) is listed on maps as being part of the metro network. It directly connects to the metro at Paral·lel station. In addition, you can see the Renfe, Trambaix, and Trambesòs stations and routes on most recent maps.

Time of operation

The Barcelona metro runs from 5 in the morning until midnight from Sunday to Thursday. It runs from 5 in the morning to 2 in the morning every Friday and Saturday. Some of the lines criss-cross in the center of the city.

Buying tickets

barcelona-city-transportation-metro-5You can buy tickets from the ticket office found in each station. You can also get them from ticket machines that operate in several different languages. If you plan a few trips within one day, it is suggested that you get 1-day pass (T-Dia). A single ticket costs 2€ for 1 trip. T10 card costs 9.80€ allowing you for 10 trips; this is multi-personal and is used by about 70% of the people in the city. There is also the T50/30 card, which allows 50 trips for 30 days. It is sold for 39.20€ and is valid for one person only. For families and groups, the T70/30 card would be most appropriate. It costs 54.90€ for 70 trips for 30 days.