Buses are another option to get around Barcelona. They are cheap, convenient and easy to access. There are over 1000 buses operating in the city; these buses go around over 80 routes, including all its districts and metropolitan area.

The buses in Barcelona feature low floors that cater especially to those with limited mobility.

Because Barcelona adapts the integrated fare system, travel cards can be used to pay on trams, FGC, metro and of course, the buses. These travel cards come in varied types and prices to suit your transportation needs.

Running Time

Travel time via bus depends on the route and destination. Most bus services commence at 4:25 am and ends at 11pm. The normal interval of buses is about 20-30 minutes during weekends.

For more information about the day buses in Barcelona, visit TMB’s official website or call +34 933 187 174.


Night Bus

Night bus service in Barcelona is known as Nit Bus. It serves most of the main districts in the city, including some of its suburban areas. Tickets and prices vary from those that run around the city on day time; logically, it is a bit pricier. Information on schedule and tickets is detailed here.

Buses in Barcelona are another proof of the city’s accessibility and convenience. It is not only easy to reach, it is also easy to explore – thanks to its many transportation options!