Barcelona has an affordable and highly efficient urban transport system. You have 6 major ways to get around the city: by bus, metro, FGC (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya), taxi, renting a car, and biking.

Buses: The city has more than 100 bus lines, which are numbered 6 to 192. They reach more points compared to the metro lines. For the transient Barcelona traveler, however, bus lines are not as easy to figure out.

Metro: barcelona-city-transportation-2The metro is clean, safe, cheap and easy to use. For most, it is the preferred method of traveling the city. The Barcelona metro system has 6 lines, plus the funicular railway to Parc Montjüic. They are marked by colors and numbers.

Taxis:barcelona-city-transportation-4Taxis are readily available and they are not too expensive. A taxi ride the center of Barcelona usually costs no more than €7. If you do not mind spending cash, taxis can be the easiest form of city transport. This is especially if you are there for a very short period of time. Here are some numbers you can dial for Barcelona taxis: +34 93 322 2222, +34 93 307 0707and +34 93 420 8088.

barcelona-city-transportation-1FGC: The FGC trains take you to suburban areas. They leave from two important hubs: Plaça de Espanya and Plaça de Catalunya. But they may also be convenient for going around the Bacelona center as well. Prices vary depending on the zone. You may use integrated passes by zone valid for the FGC, metro, and bus.

barcelona-city-transportation-3Car rentals:  Hiring a car can If you want a car rental, you will have many choices as car rental firms are all over in the the best way to avoid tourist traps and explore some of Barcelona’s less visited gems.

Bike: There are bicycle lanes provided for those who want to explore Barcelona on bike. Many of these lanes are in some of the city’s main roads, including, Avinguda Diagonal, Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, Carrer d’Aragó,  Carrer de la Marina and Avinguda de la Meridiana. Aside from being environmental-friendly, this mode of transportation allows you to enjoy the sceneries in Barcelona in a much slower pace – making you appreciate its grandeur more and more.