We have put together Simply Barcelona to help you plan and arrange a weekend in the culturally rich Barcelona. There are many things to consider when you are planning to spend the weekend in this city, or a short. Plan your trip well, time it right, and the city will not disappoint.

Modernity and tradition in perfect harmony

Barcelona is a perpetual favorite with many weekenders, characterized by its captivating mix of tradition and modernity. Its awe inspiring architectural styles will offer you rich experiences – the magnificent Gaudi masterpieces, picturesque medieval churches, and austere Gothic monuments dotted across the city.

weekend-in-barcelona-1The attractions of dining and partying will offer a weekend spoilt for choice with hip cafe bars, pulsating clubs, romantic beachfront restaurants, and delightful tapas bars. The city is also for kids. They will be astonished at the tempting activities and attractions that range from a zoo, amusement parks, interactive museums, a traditional Spanish theme park, and an aqua park..

An eclectic blend of neighborhoods

weekend-in-barcelona-7A Barcelona weekend is most productive break hwen you explore it by a bus tour (open top). This will give you a face-to-face interaction with the intriguing city. From the energetic atmosphere of Gracia, eccentric La Rambla with its street performers and chaotic markets, and the great architecture and artistic heritage of the Gothic Quarter, each district is unique.

Perhaps the iconic Sagrada Familia is the site that perfectly captures the exuberance and color of the city. This stunning church is a must for lovers of traditional history. It has beautiful flower gardens to relax in where you can also get pleasure from lunchtime classical concerts.

Enjoy the blue Mediterranean

weekend-in-barcelona-3Even a weekend in Barcelona allows you to have some time to enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine while enjoying the top attractions. You should not miss Barceloneta beach. Located minutes from the city proper, this beach features a long sandy bay with numerous dining possibilities and water sports galore. It continues to explode with energy into the night with its waterfront clubs and bars. It is also a romantic place to witness the stunning ocean sunrise.

If you are a big Barcelona sport fan, complete your Barcelona weekend by watching a big game at the huge Nou Camp stadium. This is home of FC Barcelona, a absolute cauldron of Catalan passion and noise.

Make a shopping expedition

weekend-in-barcelona-6And if you are a true blue shopaholic, make a shopping expedition at La Boqueria, a sprawling market. Feel like the entire Barcelona population on their morning shopping frenzy. There, you will find hundreds of stalls that sell fruits and vegetables, spices, seafood, ham, ham and more ham.