Barcelona is the perfect summer holiday destination. It offers not only great beaches with guaranteed sun, but also wonderful architecture and a wide range of parties, concerts, festivals, and art exhibitions. Spend your summer in this city and you will find how lively the city is during this season. There are so much things to experience that there is no room for boredom.


Going to the beautiful beaches is one of the most popular things to do in Barcelona. The city is gifted with a fabulous 5-kilometer coastline and arguably has the best beaches in the Mediterranean.

Its beaches are equipped with all kinds of services. The La Nueva Icaria Beach and the San Sebastian Beach are two of the best beaches in Barcelona. You can enjoy aquatic extreme Barcelona sports or just lounge on the warm, golden sand. You can also party all night long.

Music and performing arts

summer-in-barcelona-3Every summer, this city becomes the epicenter of great music and performing arts. From June to August, the city transforms into an exhibition of performing arts, with the Teatro Grec as the center. The best troupes and groups in the world come to the Catalonian capital to show their proposals.


summer-in-barcelona-5Barcelona has around 50 museums, with permanent and non-permanent collections. There are museums dedicated to artists like Picasso, Antoni Tèpies, and Joan Miro. The Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya houses one important collection of the Romanesque art world. Other popular museums have collections of contemporary art: CaixaForum and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona.


summer-in-barcelona-7Your summer in Barcelona will not be complete without experiencing the vibrant festivals. Small street festivals are held in many different areas across Barcelona. They always involve live music, markets, street dancing, and dressing. But each festival has some twist to it, often related to the local church’s patron saint.

Barcelona nights

summer-in-barcelona-11Barcelona is a city that never sleeps, with its first-rate nightlife. It offers great restaurants, bars, and clubs. But the city can be very muggy in summer. Serious party animals do not even go out until the air is much cooler. They often venture out sometime after midnight. If you want to party early, you should start with the ideal evening experience – a stroll down La Rambla.


summer-in-barcelona-9The best season to get some bargain stylish items in Barcelona is during summer. The sales in the city start around the first half of July and go on for about a month. The sale season is sometimes longer, depending on the consumer demand and how much products need to be cleared. By the way, rebaixes is the name for sales in the city.


Head to the beaches

summer-in-barcelona-10Of course, a week in this city is not complete without a visit to the beach. If you want to meet new people in a crowded beach, Barceloneta is the place to be. But if you want some privacy, Barcelona also offers many less busy but beautiful sandy beaches.