Long Weekend

Barcelona, Spain offers some extraordinary things to attract all generations of visitors’ interest with a wealth of culture, great beaches, modernist architecture, and a combo of first-rate bars, restaurants, and a vivacious nightlife. This makes the city the perfect long weekend getaway.

Getting there

long-weekend-in-barcelona-1Budget priced flights to the city are available all year round. First class airports and nice airlines service Barcelona so getting there will be bliss. All these factors add up making your long weekend in Barcelona hassle free and cost effective and something that you will not forget.

With a careful planning and advanced preparation, you will find it easy to locate wallet friendly return flights. This means that a long weekend break in the city can be a cheap getaway option.

What to expect

A long weekend in Barcelona can include every vacation activity you can think of. Explore charming old towns, spend great time at the beach, or you can take an excursion out of Barcelona itself.

Many parts of the city are very modern. But there are parts that reveal Barcelona’s early history. The city was originally a Roman settlement, and if you are interested in tradition and heritage, you will find the city getting a tick in almost all cultural boxes.

Despite its long history, Barcelona is not just a city of ancient monuments. It is also a city that intrigues and mesmerizes many visitors with its modernist architecture, especially the masterpieces by Antonio Gaudi.

A short stay will really compel you to use every minute of your vacation wisely. There is an almost unlimited number of things to experience. And with some of the city’s attractions being streets like La Rambla, hours tend to disappear quickly.

Beautiful beaches and exciting nightlife

long-weekend-in-barcelona-3Complete your long weekend in Barcelona by sporting a tan in the beautiful beaches. The city’s beaches are very popular and enticing during the summer season. Also experience its vibrant and colorful nightlife. This is one of the aspects of Barcelona that appeals to all visitors all year round.