The hotel industry in Barcelona is booming, with 80% to 85% average year-round room occupancy. This very high demand for rooms has been pushing up rates drastically over the past few years. The average double room costs around €130 to €200 per night, putting off budget tourists. Since Barcelona has little development land left, the hotels can manage to hike up rates.

The solution: rent holiday apartments in Barcelona

barcelona-apartaments-1Take heart. There are other types of accommodations available in Barcelona. You can always stay in holiday apartments. The good news is that, amazingly, not many tourists think of checking in an apartment, so you can find real bargains.

Added benefits

It is amazing that so many tourists do not even consider staying in apartments when they can give you added benefits of self-catering facilities, lower rental fees, and privacy over other types of accommodation.

barcelona-apartaments-2Not only staying at a holiday flat will save you some money, but it can also give you all the home conveniences you need. You can have a great stay since apartments are more cozy and quieter than a hotel, adding a touch of class to your Barcelona visit. You can easily find accommodation in an apartment during peak seasons when tourists have already booked a hotel room way in advance.

barcelona-apartaments-3An apartment is the accommodation of choice if you travel to Barcelona with family or friends. You will save a great deal of money since the average apartment significantly costs less than the price of a twin bed in a hotel. You can even ask two or three additional pull-out beds, allowing you to have more friends in the apartment with you.

Cost of staying in an apartment

barcelona-apartaments-4The rent for a holiday apartments in Barcelona is about €80 per night for the whole flat. This is for budget conscious tourists. But if you are willing to spend a fortune and want to have an apartment experience, consider the most expensive ones, usually costing about €350 per night. Of course, the cost depends on a number of factors such as location and quality and desirability of the apartment.

Here are some apartments in the city with information on their address and contact details:

Ramblas Apartments (Address: La Rambla, 42 / Phone: +34 695 09 76 12)
MH Apartments Family (Address: Carrer Rosellón, 448 / Phone: +34 933 23 87 90)
Suites Avenue (Address: Passeig de Gràcia, 83 / Phone: +34 934 87 41 59)
Splendom Suites Barcelona (Address: Carrer de València, 194 / Phone: +34 934 52 10 30)
Marina (Address: Carrer de la Marina, 306 / Phone: +34 931 83 03 00)
Apartments Sixtyfour Barcelona (Address: Passeig de Gràcia, 64 / Phone: +34 648 18 25 97)