Barcelona is a busy city that it rarely sleeps. Spanish folks do their daily grind at a much later time of the day compared to the rest of the world. It doesn’t come as a surprise to see night clubs still empty shortly after midnight and if people party from one in the morning til six. At least they have siesta as power nap.

Nightlife in this city will have you choosing from the variety of pubs and clubs that appeals to your taste and budget. For under €20, you can turn your night into one memorable experience. You can also go a little bit extravagant with over €50 if you want to make the most out of your Barcelona night tour.

Depending on the mood and the type of fun you want to engage in, Barcelona nightlife has two categories you may choose from. You have the bars and the clubs. The delineation of these two is a but thin since there are some night clubs that can serve a double function like concert halls, while some bars may have a small dance floor with disc jockeys. Some restaurants are also known to be nocturnal hotspots.

barcelona-nightlife-1A place for everything and everything in its place they say. For instance, you have places like the “xampanyerías” for champagne and cava, “cerveserías” for beers, “bodegas” for wine, and “cotelerías” for swanky cocktails. If it’s a drink you want, a nightlife locale will be glad to serve you a glass or two.