The heart of Barcelona, Spain beats with live music. There is so much going on in the city it gives you headache just thinking where to begin. You name it and the city has got a concert that suits your musical taste: with everything from opera and classical to jazz, rumba, rock, latin, flamenco, electronic, and hip hop.

barcelona-music-1 As far as the city’s native music is concerned, its beloved local musicians are mostly singer-songwriters. Luis Llach and Joan Manuel Serrat are the two most well-known. During Franco’s regime, LLach sang exclusively in Catalan Language, although the language had been banned in the country.

Sopa de Cabra is the most prominent native Barcelona music group on the rock scene.Flamenco and Catalan-rumba fusion bands like the ever popular Macaco, Ojos de Brujo, and Muchachito Bombo Infierno. They are based out of the city, giving pachanga music. Basically, pachanga refers to good-humored music ideal for a friendly party atmosphere.

barcelona-music-3Manu Chao is perhaps the most prominent international artist living in the city. In many ways, he personifies the city’s cultural identity. Manu Chao sings in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and more. He mixes influences and styles from around the world to make a special sound that suits Barcelona’s music vibe.

You can get most concert tickets at FNAC at Plaça de Catalunya or at El Corte Inglés.