Life in Barcelona has dramatically changed in the last decades, with the emergence of democracy and the decline of the power of the Catholic Church. These changes are mirrored in a more modern approach to dressing, clothes, and fashion.

In general, like in many places all over the world, people in Barcelona do not follow abarcelona-fashion-5 strict dress code. It is a multicultural city so everyone can dress as they please. But, of course,outfits depend on factors like weather or office of workplace dress codes.

During the summer season light colored clothes are in fashion. People wear warm snug clothes in winter. But you have to remember that its people still value modesty and many of them tend to dress conservatively. Unlike Paris and Milan fashion, Barcelona fashion is more conservative.

barcelona-fashion-1While Barcelona is a bohemian and cosmopolitan city, you have to follow some definite “do and do not wears”. For example, do get your denims out since they are worn throughout the year and are very popular in the city in every style. Do not wear shorts in center of the city. I suggest you save them for the beach of the surrounding towns. If you want locals to label you a tourist, or do not care what others will think, then wear shorts by all means.

France is undoubtedly the city of fashion and fashion designers in Europe and in the world. But Barcelona has made a name for itself in the fashion industry. The annual Barcelona Fashion Week – including the prominent BCN Showrooms, Moda Fad, and Pasarela Gaudí – attracts many foreigners to Barcelona.