Catalan Cuisine

Traveling may get your tummies growling, but soon as you travel to Barcelona, you might want to grab a Catalan meal that you may find to-die-for.

When to eat

On your way to work, you can opt to eat your breakfast (esmorzar/desayuno) at any bar along the way. Lunch (dinar/comida), The city’s main meal of the day, is usually takenbarcelona-cuisine-1 from 2pm to 4pm, while dinner (sopar/cena) is served only until after 9pm.

Restaurants may be open until one in the morning but most kitchens close by 11:30 in the evening. But there’s no reason to fret as there are bar snacks or fast food open beyond these hours .

Where to eat

barcelona-cuisine-7There are bars and cafes that offer solid food that definitely delights the palate. Among these are the entrepans/bocadillos (filled rolls), tapes/tapas (bar snacks), and raciones (basically a bigger version of a tapa). Full meals are served in menjadors/comedores (sit-down restaurants). Cerveseries/cervezerias (beer bars), tavernes/tabernas (taverns), tasques/tascas (snack bars) and cellers/bodegas (cellars) are a few of the sit-down restaurants.

If you are craving for seafoods, you can try going to a marisqueria. Modest eateries, meanwhile, offer a meson (a ‘big table’).

Barcelona cuisine

barcelona-cuisine-3Catalunyan cuisine is well revered in Spain. Diverse geography provides Catalunya a wide selection of fresh, high-quality seafood, meat, poultry, game, fruit and vegetables. Appetizing and mouth-watering combinations like meat and seafood, poultry and fruit, fish and nuts are included in Catalunyan cooking experience. But good food also means great effort of preparation.

Food ala Catalan are well appreciated primarily due to its sauces for meat and fish. These sauces include sofregit (fried onion, tomato and garlic); samfaina or chanfaina (sofregit plus red pepper and aubergine or courgette); picada (based on ground almonds, usually with garlic, parsley, pine or hazel nuts, and sometimes breadcrumbs); allioli (pounded garlic with olive oil, often with egg yolk added to make more of a mayonnaise); and romesco (an almond, tomato, olive oil, garlic and vinegar sauce, also used as a salad dressing).

barcelona-cuisine-5Many Catalans find it peculiar for other cultures to spread butter over a piece of bread. Catalan folks normally prefer a pa amb tomaquet where sliced bread is rubbed with cut garlic, tomato cut in half and topped with olive oil and salt.

You may also enjoy a serving of oca (goose) and canalons (Catalan cannelloni) cooked with passion. Wild mushrooms are also a treat and people take time to pick them in the forests during autumn. There’s a good selection of bolets but large succulent rovellons is a favorite among the people of Barcelona.