Spain snitching the title from France as the gastronomical center of Europe is mainly credited to the Spanish restaurant scene. The likes of New York Times now have high regard for Spanish culinary prowess. Barcelona cuisine like tortilla española (Spanish omelette) has been turned into foam, an example of a cutting edge kitchen masterpiece. So for people with fearless tastebuds, this is a good chance to try out what cooking in the new millennium tastes like.

barcelona-restaurants-4Traditionally, Catalan and Spanish restaurants proliferate as much as international establishments do. Restaurants in Barcelona makes a daring yet friendly mix of regional food and drinks with that of elements from outside the Catalan culture, thus providing customers that familiar taste in a local flavor. This mixture is unique only in this city.

Barcelona restaurant hours

barcelona-restaurants-1Beware of Mondays as Barcelona restaurants are closed during this day of the week. In August, some take a week’s off when temperature becomes intolerable. You can check See Spanish eating customs for an overview of the Spanish eating schedule wherein most establishments are closed between lunch and dinner (4pm-8pm).

Here’s a list of some restaurants in Barcelona:


  • Bodega la Plata (Address: Mercè 28, Barcelona / Phone: 93-315-10-09 / Cuisine: Spanish)
  • Cafè de l’Opera (Address: La Rambla 74, Barcelona / Phone: 93-317-75-85 / Cuisine: Spanish)
  • Juicy Jones (Address: Cardenal Casañas 7, Barcelona / Phone: 93-302-43-30 / Cuisine: Vegetarian)
  • La Paradeta (Address: Comercial 7, Barcelona / Phone: 93-268-19-39 / Cuisine: Seafood)
  • Murivecchi (Address: Princesa 59, Barcelona / Phone: 93-218-30-00 / Cuisine: Italian)
  • Taller de Tapas (Address: Plaça Sant Josep Oriol 9, Barcelona / Phone: 93-301-80-20 / Cuisine: Spanish)
  • Tapioles 53 (Address: Carrer Tapioles 53, Barcelona/ Phone: 93-329-22-38 / Cuisine: Mediterranean)



  • Agua (Address: Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta 30 / Phone: 93-225-12-72 / Cuisine: Mediterranean)
  • Anima (Address: Angels 6, Barcelona / Phone: 93-342-49-12 / Cuisine: Mediterranean)
  • Atril (Address: Carders 23, Barcelona / Phone: 93-310-12-20 / Cuisine: Spanish)
  • Els Quatre Gats (Address: Montsió 3, Barcelona / Phone: 93-302-41-40 / Cuisine: Spanish)
  • Can Costa (Address: Passeig de Joan de Borbó 70, Barcelona / Phone: 93-221-59-03 / Cuisine: Seafood)



  • Torre d’Alta Mar (Address: Passeig Don Joan Borbó Comte 88, Barcelona / Phone: 93-221-00-07 / Cuisine: Mediterranean)
  • Shojiro <(Address: Ros de Olano 11, Barcelona / Phone: 93-415-65-48 / Cuisine: Asian)
  • Neichel (Address: Beltrán i Rózpide 1-5, Barcelona / Phone: 93-203-84-08 / Cuisine: French)
  • Jaume de Provença (Address: Provença, 88, Barcelona / Phone: 93-430-00-29 / Cuisine: French)
  • La Dama (Address: Diagonal 423, Barcelona / Phone: 93-202-06-86 / Cuisine: Spanish)