As soon as you get to Barcelona, try to-die-for cuisine.

Of the many interesting aspects of the culture in Barcelona is how normal day-to-day activities are done at a much later time unlike other cultures. In other parts of the globe, lunch is served around 12 noon or an hour past, while in Barcelona, you’d probably have lunch in mid-afternoon. Expect the same thing with dinner because you would enjoy it at around 10 in the evening.

barcelona-dining-1Restaurants usually open the earliest at 9:30 in the morning. Eating too early is not advisable though as you may be caught in a tourist trap and pay more than what the food would normally cost. Bringing along with you light snacks to a last a day is suggested if you are not the type who etas at such times.

barcelona-dining-4Spain has fine tasting yet less expensive wine that you can find in their cellars sold only for a euro or less. Midrange wines would probably cost about 3 euro. Price is not usually an indication of wine quality in Spain. There are vintages that are made from grapes that may not adhere to main market standards.

barcelona-dining-2Meals in Barcelona and in other parts of Spain are served with a bread called Pan tumaca. This comes with garlic cloves and tomatoes. The garlic clove is cut and rubbed on the bread, and the same thing is done with the tomato. The bread is then topped with olive oil and salt to give you that delectable treat.

barcelona-dining-3Paella or Spanish rice dish is one of the most famous and traditional food in Spain. This signature Catalonian dish is yellow in color because of Saffron added to it. Paella can be prepared with seafood, chicken, vegetarian or Valencia Style which is a mixture of chicken and vegetables.

Generally, the people of Barcelona need not worry about giving the wait staff with tip since they are paid by the hour. It is customary in most European states to round up to the next euro. So just sit back and enjoy sipping your Trifasico while you make the most of your dining experience.