barcelona-architecture-1Barcelona is rich in mind-blowing architecture. Visitors are left in awe when they first encounter Antoni Gaudí‘s his rooftop sculptures at La Pedrera (Address: Carrer Provença, 261, 08008 / Phone: +34 902 20 21 38 / Architectural style: Modernisme) or his very famous La Sagrada Familia (Address: Calle Mallorca, 401, 08013 / Phone: +34 935 13 20 60 / Architectural styles: Spanish Gothic architecture, Modernism, Noucentisme, Art Nouveau). The dream-like and uniqueness of his works amazes every person who visits it. There is much in this vibrant city unlike anything you have ever seen.

Barcelona architecture is one of the top attractions in itself. All you need to do is stroll around the city, and you will be spellbound by the stunning architecture. Wander through the Eixample and the Gothic Quarter and, and you will be amazed by the endless amount of enthralling structures and unexpected treasures.

Architecture in Barcelona naturally reflects the city’s rich history. Here, you will see architecture from the Roman period to the Gothic era to the Modernisme, Catalan Art Nouveau. Barcelona architecture speaks for many things: periods of varying prosperity and decline, passionate Catalan nationalism or repression of the central government, the Olympic Games, cultural forums, expos, and more.

barcelona-architecture-7Perhaps the most important architectural styles in this city are the medieval Catalan Gothic style and Modernisme. The latter is a fin de siècle movement pioneered by the famous architect, Gaudí. The movement is also called the Catalan Renaissance or Renaixença.

It is well worth seeing Barcelona’s ancient remains. Here, you can see large portions of the 4th century Roman walls at the Museu d’Història de la Ciutat. You can also see them in the Cathedral’s Casa de L’Ardiaca, the Archdeacon’s House.