Culture & Entretainment

It is very difficult to exaggerate Barcelona. The city is big enough to give the best choices in culture, arts, and entertainment, but small enough to get around the city. This Catalan city is sparkling with pulsating colors and intense energy.

Leading Catalonia in a resurgence of an intriguing and unique culture, Barcelona gives you an experience that you will not forget. From Gaudi’s modernist architecture, La Sagrada Familia, to Dali’s Surrealism, and to Picasso’s Cubism, the unique Catalan perspective will have a dramatic impact on how you see the world today.

barcelona-ce-1 Stroll down the Ramblas, a grand boulevard that takes you from the sophistication of the Plaça Catalunya down to the sea. Here. You will see imposing ornate churches, opera houses, flower stalls, classy cafés street mimes, and great shopping.

The bohemian Gothic quarter is a tangled mix of grand squares, art nouveau storefronts, schoolyard plazas, musty antique shops, and baby flea markets. The centerpiece is the massive cathedral, a great example of Catalan Gothic.

Barcelona offers delightful cuisine, perfect for the craving palate. After sampling some of the best food that the city has to offer, you can choose from numerous top-class bars in the Gothic Quarter, open-air clubs in the Tibidabo Hills, and trendy cafes in the Eixample district, among other options. Nightlife here seems unmatched.

barcelona-ce-2Barcelona is the city to have fun. You can experience wild festivals and other local celebrations. For the sporty type, you can enjoy sports like football, basketball, marathon, and hiking. What’s more, Barcelona is a gay-friendly city.