Lloret de Mar: An Interesting Destination Near Barcelona

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Lloret de Mar is a Mediterranean town on the coast near Barcelona and Gerona, Spain. It is one or the more popular holiday destinations on the coastline and has a population of around thirty-nine thousand. The town’s beaches attract summer tourists who visit with a package tour of the beach town and the surrounding areas. The temperatures for this region of the Mediterranean are warmer all year round due to a thermal effect, which is a part of this area of the Spanish coastline.

Lloret de Mar, Spain

Lloret de Mar is a part of the Iberian and Roman civilizations and has numerous archaeological sites to explore for the science-minded visitor. There are several sites of cultural interest that include Gothic churches and medieval castles from past centuries. The Santa Clotilde gardens are designed as an Italian Renaissance garden and are located at the top of a cliff that has a breathtaking view over the sea. The summer beaches and coves offer white sand beaches along a 1630 meter coastline. Fenals beach is positioned along this coastline and has been awarded the blue flag seal of quality. Sa Boadella cove is located in the district of Lloret de Mar, and the cove offers beautiful views of the cliffs and coastal regions. The area is well-known to scuba divers. The Santa Cristina beach is in this same county on the southern Costa Brava.

Treumal beach and Canyelles beach are located in this same region. The Canyelles beach has it own inter urban bus service and a small marina and club. Sa Caleta is located near Lloret beach and has a spectacular view of a castle. Cala Banys is a rocky cove that is popular for fishing and snorkeling. Most of the beaches can be reached by foot or by car during the summer months or all year round.

There are numerous museums to walk through. Several long distance hiking paths are available. Long distance foot paths offer walks that may take around three hours or more to complete. There is a beautiful walking trail along one of the Costa Brava areas. An annual carnival is promoted that includes parades that traverse through three of the local coastal towns. A well known motor sports rally The Rally Costa Brava takes place each year and is the oldest event of its kind in Spain. A Mediterranean International Cup for youth football players takes place each year nearby.

Lloret de Mar can be easily reached both by train and bus. There are also direct Lloret de Mar Airport Taxi services from Gerona or Barcelona airport. Depending on the number of passengers, it could be very affordable than train and definitely more comfortable. You can book online knowing the full price before booking, with faster confirmation by email after the payment, although it’s not necessary to pay the full price in advance.

Scenic Costa Brava Tours ⛱️⛱️

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Scenic Costa Brava Tours

People who are interested in exploring the sun-kissed beauty of northeastern Spain might want to visit Costa Brava, a popular coastal tourist destination. The area is a hub for everything from picturesque beaches to enriching museums.

Tourists who wish to visit Costa Brava with a knowledgeable tour guide can rest easy. The company Barcelona Exclusive Private Tours is available to provide visitors with in-depth tours of the region. People who want to enjoy day trips of the idyllic Tossa de Mar, for example, might have a ball on these Costa Brava tours. Tossa de Mar is a Costa Brava municipality that’s roughly 64 miles away from bustling Barcelona. These Costa Brava tours typically last for five to eight hours or so.

Tossa de Mar, Costa Brava

The goal of these Costa Brava tours is to make things easy for guests. The drivers serve as knowledgeable guides during the tours, providing vivid details on all of the spectific locations. The drivers begin the day trips by picking the guests up from airports, cruise ports or accommodations. When the tour is finished, the drivers then bring their guests back to their desired spots.

Guests of these tours never have to fear miscommunication with their drivers. The drivers on these tours can all speak English fluently. The drivers aim to make all of the guests feel as comfortable as can be. If a guest wishes to request a specific stop on the route, he can do so easily.

People who wish to investigate the breathtaking beauty of Costa Brava are sure to appreciate these tours. These tours allow guests the chance to stroll around the quaint Tossa de Mar. People who want to buy souvenirs from the town’s lively markets can do so. People who want to take in the most historic elements of the town can do so, as well. These Costa Brava tours provide guests with pleasant senses of freedom and flexibility. Guests of these day trips never have to worry about feeling rushed. They can do what they’d like — and at their personal desired speeds.

If a tourist is curious about visiting beautiful Costa Brava on a guided tour, then he or she can receive more details by requesting them on the company website. The website is equipped with a handy form that makes requesting details a simple and streamlined process. Individuals must fill out details regarding dates, pick-up areas, drop-off areas and necessary services.

More info:

Barcelona Exclusive Private Tours.com

Good figures for tourism in Barcelona

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Barcelona is the most visited city in Spain and one of the 5 most visited cities in the world, and apparently will remain so for some time. In 2013 it received over 7.5 million visitors, according to the IET, 1.8% more than 2012. Such big numbers are due exclusively to foreign tourists, as the number of domestic visitors fell 6.4% in the same period.

Barcelona Airport

The drop in domestic tourism is easy to explain, given that Spain has been facing a severe economic crisis for years. The increase in foreign visitors, on the other hand, could be due to several factors. One is the political instability in other countries that were once major international tourist destinations, especially Tunisia and Egypt, and now foreigners choose Spain as a safe destination. The dramatic increase of 22% of Russian tourists in 2013 could be due to this fact. It may also have been influenced by the economic recovery of countries like UK, Germany or United States.

Besides the number of tourists, other tourism indicators were also positive. The hotel business grew nearly 3.5% over the previous year, and the average tourist spending grew by almost 20%. Naturally, these figures have positive effects on other tourist services, such as transportation, food, and entertainment.

Rather than accommodate to these encouraging numbers, all people involved in tourism in Barcelona and Spain in general should take the opportunity to further improve services to tourists, making our country even more attractive to foreigners, regardless of the conditions of other international destinations.

Private Tours in Barcelona 🌇

Sagrada Familia

Barcelona Exclusive Private Tours is a company that specializes in detailed tours of the Spanish metropolis. Tourists of the Catalonian city who are interested in learning its ins and outs might want to spend a day in Barcelona with comfort. These day tours generally last for anywhere between four and eight hours. They’re designed specifically for groups of small to moderate size.

Casa Batlló, Barcelona

These detailed tours are ideal for thorough sightseeing purposes. Individuals who would like to check out all of the city’s most prominent points of interest might benefit from these guided tours. Some well-known attractions and landmarks that are common stops for these private tours in Barcelona include Casa Amatller, The Olympic Ring, La Sagrada Familia, Montjuic Castle, Plaza de España, Plaza Cataluña, La Pedrera, Casa Batlló, The National Palace, Passeig de Gràcia and Casa Lleó Morera. While these sites are indeed common components of these tours, they’re not the only choices available. Many visitors opt to explore different attractions, as well. The tours are highly flexible.

Many tourists prefer these tours due to the comfort factor. The tour guides/drivers speak flawless English. The tours take place inside of cozy luxury vehicles rather than in cramped buses. Most importantly, guests are equipped with the freedom of choice. People who are interested in customized tours of Barcelona are sure to enjoy the style of these day trips.

Convenience is a major priority of this type of tour. The drivers pick the tourists up straight from their hotels, airports or cruise ports. Once the tour is completed, the drivers then promptly drive them back to wherever it is they need to go. People who sign up for the tours don’t have to worry about transportation. Not only are they often convenient due to transportation assistance, but they’re also convenient because they sometimes minimize the frustration of long lines. La Sagrada Familia, for example, often is extremely crowded, particularly during peak tourist seasons.

Individuals who are considering going on these tours can ask for more details by visiting the website. They must specify details including their pickup and drop-off locales, group size, email address, name and specific desired service. Note that both half-day and full-day tour options are available. People who want to enjoy scenic and historic Barcelona in style and privacy are sure to appreciate the services offered by Exclusive Barcelona tours company.

Staying happy 😄 in Barcelona – or so they say🤔

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They say that the ultimate goal of man is happiness – and it is! Wherever one goes, the end goal is to always find that happiness. But happiness is a matter of perspective; with simple ways, you’ll learning that finding happiness in Barcelona is so within your reach. Here are some secrets to ‘happiness’ in this Spanish city:


1. Be on time BUT don’t expect others to be (ever!). The people in Barcelona or in Spain in general is known for taking a lot of their time. Yes, could be annoying to wait for someone, but it will be for your own happiness when you just focus on you coming on time than thinking of them being late. If this is quite unacceptable to do, try setting your schedule a way earlier than it’s supposed to.

2. Visit the neighboring towns in Barcelona. Don’t just stick yourself to the city. There may be a lot of things to see and do here, but it would be to your advantage and learning if you explore beyond its boundaries.

3. Eat strange and new food. Being in Barcelona is having the chance to discover the city more. What better way to do this than experience its own specialties?

4. Have a good book ready when queueing in the bank. Banks in Barcelona usually take quite some time; keep yourself entertained by bringing in a good book to read. Why not try bringing your own travel guide?

Staying Safe in Barcelona5. Be on the lookout for robbers. It’s better safe than sorry!

6. Travel light. Happiness in Barcelona is about having to see more of it. Without having to worry a lot about keeping an eye of your important stuffs, travelling light allows you to enjoy the Spanish city more.

Happiness is subjective. One has to simply find it in little ways they can. When in Barcelona, enjoy every minute you have in the city and embrace the experience.


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❤️ Staying happy 😄 in Barcelona ❤️

Barcelona Tours: the Camp Nou Experience

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The FC Barcelona is one of the most famous teams in the world, and is one of the reasons why many tourists choose the city when traveling by Spain. Moreover than watching some of its epic games, now visitor can also discover Camp Nou, the Barcelona Stadium with BCN Exclusive private Tours

Tours by Camp Nou, FC Barcelona Stadium

This company offers the possibility to walk through the most emblematic areas of the stadium like the VIP gallery, the museum, the player’s changing room, the press room and the player’s tunnel between their changing rooms and the field where Messi, Neymar, Iniesta, Xavi and other famous players pass by on every match.

The museum is the most complete and impressive place to understand the history of the club. There you will see its path shown by the many trophies and interactive walls, showing the most important goals and their associated rewards.

You will also be able to step on part of the playing field and see through your own eyes how the most important managers in the world have seen their players from the team’s benchs.

The press room is also a place included in the experience. It’s where the after match interviews to the coaches and players with the international press are made from.

Barcelona private tours takes you to the Camp Nou directly from your staying place whether if it’s the hotel, a rental home or the airport itself and will accompany you on this visit all the time you need, as well as taking you back to your place at the end if you want. You can combine this program with visits to other monuments, as it takes only a few hours.

The company also offers other excursions and activities from/ to Barcelona. Among the most popular there are the sightseeing tour in Barcelona, with a guided one-day visit to the most important monuments, the excursion to Montserrat (including a wine tour) and the trip to Costa Brava and Girona.

It’s an interesting option for people that want to visit Barcelona with comfort and safety, and also for those with budget to hire exclusive services, like a car hire with private driver, also offered in the same Web site. For other alternatives including bus, self-guided and bike excursions, please visit our page about tours.

Cheap Holidays in Barcelona 🌅

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Barcelona can be quite an expensive destination to visit compared to other Spanish cities on offer for holidaymakers. That’s not to say that you cannot still visit Barcelona on a budget though. Through a little research when you are planning your holiday it is possible to find affordable tourist attractions and services that will accommodate your budget.

Affordable Flights, Cheap Accommodations and Free Attractions

Barcelona is considered a premiere tourist destination in Europe and is revered by many travelers for its scenery. According to BBC World News, “Around 10 million tourists are expected to visit Barcelona in the year 2012. The city has experienced a rapid growth in the tourism sector over the past few decades”. The number continues to increase as more people discover cheaper ways to travel to Barcelona. Here are some tips on how you can save money on your next holiday:

Affordable Flights

It is advisable to choose an economy class flight when travelling to Barcelona because the fares are way cheaper than business class flights. However, there are some travel service websites that offer affordable business class flights. For example, dialaflight.com‘s business fare from Gatwick to Barcelona is usually around 553 euros including tax. Additionally, you can get more discounts on flights by searching for special fares offered by different travel service websites.

Cheap Accommodations

Finding a hotel in Barcelona for less than 100 euros a night is quite difficult. Usually budget hotels are a considerable distance from the city centre, however there are still hotels that are worth the travel time. Take the Hotel California for instance, which is situated near La Rambla. Its double rooms usually range between 85 euros to 95 euros. To ensure that your booking is accepted at this hotel it’s best to make hotel reservations in advance because these budget hotels usually get fully booked during the peak season.


Free Attractions

What’s great about Barcelona is the multitude of free attractions dotted around the city including buildings designed by the world renowned architect Anton Gaudi. Some of Gaudi’s masterpieces include Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Casa Vicens, and Casa Mila are beautiful attractions within the city. The Picasso Museum in the city also has regular promotions on: each Sunday at the start of every month, it is free to enter the museum. This museum does get very busy though, so make sure to arrive early to avoid a queuing. Other notable landmarks include the trendy hang out spot at Las Ramblas where you can find human statues, street artists, restaurants, bars, and various stalls.

Planning a trip to Barcelona by car

Barcelona Street

People traveling to Barcelona by train, car, of by plane may choose to rent a car during their stay. A car is a great way to get around the city and the surrounding areas. One problem with having a car is being able to find adequate parking. The main reason for this is the parking facilities in the city center will be full or space will be limited. Parking on the street can also be a challenge. However, there are options a visitor to the city has for parking their car.

driving in Barcelona, Avinguda del Marques de l'Argentera

Before renting your car

It’s important to decide where you’ll pick up the car. If you’ll get it in the airport, check the flight number with your company before arriving, and inform it to the rental company. This could avoid problems when collecting the car. Some flight reservation companies can give you more details about how to rent a car in the airport, either by Internet or by phone. If you’re collecting the car in the city, it’s important to know how to get there in advance and avoid delays in your trip to other destinations.

Barcelona Hotels

Many of the hotels in Barcelona have parking facilities. Many hotels charge a fee for parking and some others may have parking provided for free. The best way to know it to confirm parking options with the hotel or the reservation company. A car park may also be close to a hotel that may have negotiated special rates for patrons. The Barcelona Town Council Online Map is a great resource to see what hotels are available in the area. Travelers should park their car in a secure park if parking is not an option for a particular hotel.

Airport Parking

There are two Terminal at the Barcelona Airport each with their own car park. The Terminal 1 car park has a nine-story facility with almost 12,000 parking spaces. If Terminal 2 car park is needed, then there are multiple options. This terminal has about 12,500 parking paces with 7,600 being open air spaces. Long stay parking is available through AENA’s official site, although in Spain is not common to find discounts for this type of service. In any case, a visitor will find the entrances to the parking facilities are guarded 24 hours a day. Visitors also can get a ticket dispensed automatically from a vending machine. This ticket is used with another automatic machine that processes payments.

Bus Terminal

Visitors who want to use public transportation can par their car at the Barcelona Bus terminal Estacion de Nord. A parking facility at the terminal is very large and is a great option when taking the bus to any areas within the city. This is a better option than looking for various car parks that are found throughout the city.

Foreign Plates

Visitors to Barcelona with a foreign plated car need to be concerned about robber. The reason is foreign plated cars are typically targeted by thieves. The best option is to find a parking facility at a hotel, a bus stop, or other area that has surveillance cameras.


Cars parked at a non-designated area will often be towed or a ticket will be issued. The first thing to do when a car is not where it was left is to ring car impound. A fee will need to be paid to get a car out of impound.

From Thailand 🎆 to Barcelona

Barcelona Fountain

Many Barcelona inhabitants have taken a keen interest on the exotic country of Thailand, and it is not difficult to see why. The total flight duration from Bangkok, Thailand to Barcelona, Spain is usually around 12 hours or so. Thailand is among the most beautiful destinations on the planet thanks to its unique blend of culture, history, cities and beaches.
Whether it’s relaxing among the waves, sailing on the rivers or visiting its world-class cities, there is always something to do in Thailand. Thailand has been a popular tourist destination for decades, and its popularity has kept increasing over the last years.

There is no doubt that in Thailand you’ll find many of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. Tourists that have already traveled there will quickly tell you that the beauty of this charming country makes for some of the best vacations in the world. When you couple this with Thailand’s enormous amounts of history and culture you’ll realize that there is never a shortage of things to do in this country.

Juan Antonio BayonaThailand has a huge advantage over other tourist destinations: Because many zones of this country are yet to be untouched by development, it is easy to find serenity and relaxation if you wish to do so. The city’s reaches have not gotten very far, which means that tourists from all preferences will find something to love dearly. And now, the country is also related to Barcelona through cinema.

There are quite a few moments in life so powerful and startling that millions never forget the exact moment they happened. For many people, the tsunami that hit Southeast Asia on December 26, 2004, is one of such moments. Acclaimed Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona chose to direct “The Impossible”, a film based upon the catastrophic natural disaster of 2004. Bayona chose to film “The Impossible” in Thailand to give the film a realistic effect that would have been difficult to capture elsewhere. If you are interested in what do around this film, it is possible to find some information with a simple search online.

Many viewers agree that the tsunami shot in the new film “The Impossible” is so realistic that in its intensity that it is easy to think that you’re watching actual documentary footage of the natural disaster that struck Thailand eight years ago. Nowadays, it is possible to see the beautiful beaches were the tsunami struck in all their glory. Where the natural disaster occurred back in 2004, there is only calm and serenity left.

Tourism in Barcelona 🌁 ⛲ 🌃 ⛲

Museum Barcelona

Barcelona CathedralBarcelona is a very beautiful and popular city from Spain. Its dense population, dynamic commercial activity and cultural richness attract millions of new visitors each year. Many visitors mention that Barcelona mixes perfectly an urban setting with cultural richness. Barcelona’s rich history is reflected on its people, buildings, streets and cultural events. It is no wonder that Barcelona is the 16th-most-visited city in the world. It is also the fourth most visited in Europe after Paris, London, and Rome, with several million tourists every year. Barcelona enjoys a strategic location in southern Europe, and can be easily reached by air, sea and land transport which guarantee easy access to the city from any major international airport. Barcelona is currently acknowledged as a “Global City” because of its cultural, commercial and financial importance. The Port of Barcelona is one of the Mediterranean Sea’s most important ports. Barcelona Airport was used by more than 34 million passengers in 2011.

Barcelona has something to offer to both young and old. The city offers a very wide variety of activities such as cinema, theatre, sightseeing, music and art galleries. Barcelona is host to a lot of events every year. The most popular events in the city are the Barcelona Acció Musical, The Barcelona International Festival of Progressive Music and Multimedia Arts and the Barcelona Contemporary Art. Young and old will find something that interests them at any time of the year. Even though Barcelona is mostly known for its cultural richness, there is also interesting nightlife in the city. Visitors can find a wide diversity of clubs all around the city.

What to Visit?

Sagrada FamiliaLa Sagrada Familia. This is probably Barcelona’s most popular tourist attraction by far. Visiting the unfinished church of La Sagrada Familia is almost a requirement for everyone that goes to Barcelona. The church of La Sagrada Familia was originally designed by one of Barcelona’s most famous architects of all time: Antonio Gaudi. La Sagrada Familia is still in construction even though it was designed over 100 years ago. It is currently the only cathedral in the world that is still being built. Famous British author George Orwell hated the building and called it “the ugliest building on earth”. Nevertheless, it remains as Barcelona’s most popular attraction.

The Magic Fountain. The Magic Fountain of Montjuic is one of Barcelona’s most famous attractions. Many visitors get amazed by the beautiful spectacle. Visitors never forget the stunning display of water, light and music. The Magic fountain was built in 1929 as one of the main attractions for the 1929 Barcelona World Fair and Universal Exposition. The Fountain remains as one of Barcelona’s most famous spots and receives almost 2.5 million visitors every year. Not bad for water and lights.
The Picasso Museum. Even though the Picasso Museum in Barcelona does not have any of Pablo Picasso’s most famous paintings, it remains as one of the most popular attractions from the city. The Picasso Museum houses many of the artists. Many of Picasso’s early sketches are displayed. The museum will most likely remain one of Barcelona’s most famous attractions for years too come.

Aduana Vieja. It is located in Plaza Palau. This building features a neoclassical design with rococo influence. Inside, there are displays of Pere Muntaya’s murals and art inspired by Don Quixote.

Gothic Quarter. Tourists are able to visit the Gothic Quarter and enjoy a very relaxing walk. The Gothic Quarters are near the Jewish Quarters and the Plaza Pi, Barcelona Cathedral and the Casa de Arcadia.

Casa Milá. It was built between 1905 and 1910. It displays a lot of eye catching sculptures. The building’s design is also very famous.

More information about how to travel to Barcelona here.