Staying happy in Barcelona — or so they say…

skyline in barcelonaThey say that the ultimate goal of man is happiness – and it is! Wherever one goes, the end goal is to always find that happiness. But happiness is a matter of perspective; with simple ways, you’ll learning that finding happiness in Barcelona is so within your reach. Here are some secrets to ‘happiness’ in this Spanish city:

1. Be on time BUT don’t expect others to be (ever!). The people in Barcelona or in Spain in general is known for taking a lot of their time. Yes, could be annoying to wait for someone, but it will be for your own happiness when you just focus on you coming on time than thinking of them being late. If this is quite unacceptable to do, try setting your schedule a way earlier than it’s supposed to.

2. Visit the neighboring towns in Barcelona. Don’t just stick yourself to the city. There may be a lot of things to see and do here, but it would be to your advantage and learning if you explore beyond its boundaries.

3. Eat strange and new food. Being in Barcelona is having the chance to discover the city more. What better way to do this than experience its own specialties?

4. Have a good book ready when queueing in the bank. Banks in Barcelona usually take quite some time; keep yourself entertained by bringing in a good book to read. Why not try bringing your own travel guide?

staying safe in barcelona5. Be on the lookout for robbers. It’s better safe than sorry!

6. Travel light. Happiness in Barcelona is about having to see more of it. Without having to worry a lot about keeping an eye of your important stuffs, travelling light allows you to enjoy the Spanish city more.

Happiness is subjective. One has to simply find it in little ways they can. When in Barcelona, enjoy every minute you have in the city and embrace the experience.