Planning a trip to Barcelona by car

Planning a trip to Barcelona by car

People traveling to Barcelona by train, car, of by plane may choose to rent a car during their stay. A car is a great way to get around the city and the surrounding areas. One problem with having a car is being able to find adequate parking. The main reason for this is the parking facilities in the city center will be full or space will be limited. Parking on the street can also be a challenge. However, there are options a visitor to the city has for parking their car.

driving in Barcelona, Avinguda del Marques de l'Argentera

Before renting your car

It’s important to decide where you’ll pick up the car. If you’ll get it in the airport, check the flight number with your company before arriving, and inform it to the rental company. This could avoid problems when collecting the car. Some flight reservation companies can give you more details about how to rent a car in the airport, either by Internet or by phone. If you’re collecting the car in the city, it’s important to know how to get there in advance and avoid delays in your trip to other destinations.

Barcelona Hotels

Many of the hotels in Barcelona have parking facilities. Many hotels charge a fee for parking and some others may have parking provided for free. The best way to know it to confirm parking options with the hotel or the reservation company. A car park may also be close to a hotel that may have negotiated special rates for patrons. The Barcelona Town Council Online Map is a great resource to see what hotels are available in the area. Travelers should park their car in a secure park if parking is not an option for a particular hotel.

Airport Parking

There are two Terminal at the Barcelona Airport each with their own car park. The Terminal 1 car park has a nine-story facility with almost 12,000 parking spaces. If Terminal 2 car park is needed, then there are multiple options. This terminal has about 12,500 parking paces with 7,600 being open air spaces. Long stay parking is available through AENA’s official site, although in Spain is not common to find discounts for this type of service. In any case, a visitor will find the entrances to the parking facilities are guarded 24 hours a day. Visitors also can get a ticket dispensed automatically from a vending machine. This ticket is used with another automatic machine that processes payments.

Bus Terminal

Visitors who want to use public transportation can par their car at the Barcelona Bus terminal Estacion de Nord. A parking facility at the terminal is very large and is a great option when taking the bus to any areas within the city. This is a better option than looking for various car parks that are found throughout the city.

Foreign Plates

Visitors to Barcelona with a foreign plated car need to be concerned about robber. The reason is foreign plated cars are typically targeted by thieves. The best option is to find a parking facility at a hotel, a bus stop, or other area that has surveillance cameras.


Cars parked at a non-designated area will often be towed or a ticket will be issued. The first thing to do when a car is not where it was left is to ring car impound. A fee will need to be paid to get a car out of impound.