Barcelona is the second most populous city in Spain. The city council statistics estimate that it has a population of about 1.6 million. There are around 16,000 inhabitants per sq km, with Eixample as the most populated district. Most of the inhabitants (62%) were born in Catalonia whereas 24% came from the rest of Spain.

Barcelona is also a melting pot of nationalities: 14% of the inhabitants came from different countries. Most come from (in order) Ecuador, Peru, Morocco, Colombia, Argentina, Pakistan and China. The population of foreigners in the city is still increasing.

people-of-barcelona-3Catalan is the major language in Barcelona. About 95% of the people in Barcelona understand the Catalan language, 75% can read it well, 74.6% can speak Catalan, and about 47.1% can write it.  The city’s linguistic immersion educational system makes this possible.

Most of the residents in Barcelona say they are Roman Catholic. Other religious groups include Evangelical, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Buddhists. There are also many Muslims in Barcelona as a result of immigration.

people-of-barcelona-2In general, Barcelona has very friendly an warm people. They are calm, non-aggressive, generous, and helpful especially if they have the time. Maintaining lasting relationships is far more important to most people in Barcelona than the desire for more material wealth. You can expect them to come up to tourists in the streets offering help if you need it.

They always greet foreigners and newcomers with much enthusiasm. Organizing festivals and events energetically and entertaining the citizens and visitors alike are second nature to the city’s people.

people-of-barcelona-5Barcelona is a city where people love to celebrate and party. So unleash the party animal in you when you come here. In addition, you can find the most artistic and free-spirited people there.

Among the famous people who came and/or live from and in Barcelona are Antonio Gaudi (1926) (renowned Catalan Art Nouveau architect), Jorge Luis Borges (1986) (short-story writer), Pablo Picasso (1973) (painter), Salvador Dali (1989) (Surrealist and artist), Joan Miro (1983) (abstract Surrealist), and Pablo Casals (1973) (Catalan cellist).